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Department for physical metallurgy
Department for metallurgical chemistry
Department for protection and ecology
Department for heat engineering and measurements
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Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
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Head of the Department:
Narcisa Jarović Bajramović, dipl. ing. CV

Tel: 032 247 999/172
Fax: 032 247 980
E-mail: miz@miz.ba


Department for Thermal engineering and Measurements



Department for Thermal engineering and Measurements

Department for thermal engineering and measuring has a wide range of activities covered by:
• Solving problems in the work of industrial heat generators
* Parameter optimization of combustion in the furnace to conserve energy and production of heat balances
* Consulting services to solve problems of measurement and control of thermal generators
* Examination of the temperature distribution in the furnace working space and determining the temperature differences between the real-time temperature of working space and objects that are heated
* Preparation of technical regulations for conduction of the working regime of thermal aggregates depending on the characteristics of the cartridge that is heat-treated
* Thermo graphical recording of  isothermal contours of various industrial plants exposed to local overheating
* Testing, servicing and adjustment of safety valves on pressure vessels
* Different types of flow measurement, pressure, humidity and analysis of flue gases in industrial plants

Laboratory for Technical Measurements (TM)

Laboratory (TM) is a part of the Department for thermal engineering and measurements. The laboratory is accredited according to EN ISO / IEC 17025:2000 by the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA) for the calibration of measuring instruments and devices of temperature and pressure as follows:

- For temperature range: 0 - 1500 ° C
- The area of pressure: 0 - 1600 bar

TM is currently the only accredited laboratory in the area of temperature in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-TM provides traceability of standard temperature and pressure according to International standards of the SI system and transmits the same physical size to the standards and criteria for the lower levels of testing, calibration, scientific research and production activities.

-So TM is on the top of hierarchy of temperature measurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Certificates and reports on calibration / verification issued by TM prove that calibration criteria is traceable to international standards.

The acquired TM accreditation completely fulfills the requirements for testing and calibration laboratories which are prescribed in the relevant international standards.

The TM is accredited laboratory of the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina for verification of temperature measures and pressure.

- TM is an authorized laboratory for testing, calibration, adjustment and repair of safety valves on equipment and installations under pressure. The decision of the authority no.: Up/I10-17-867/05 is issued by the Inspectorate of thermal energy of liquid and gas at the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industry.

* TM opportunities related to the calibration of measuring instruments and devices in the temperature range 0 ° -1500˚ C which refer to the following standards and devices:

- Glass liquid thermometers Class B ¸ F (value of 0,1 ° C and above)
- Thermo elements, secondary and working standards and measures of all types (B, S, R, L, I, K, etc.).
- Optical / radiation pyrometers - all types
- Medical, veterinary and incubator thermometers
- Resistance thermometers and thermistors
- Regulators, printers and temperature indicators - block temperature calibrators
- Compensators for EMS readings of thermo elements

* Opportunities for TM calibration of measuring instruments and devices in the pressure range 0 - 600 bar
- Overpressure gauges and differential pressure with the class of Burdon tubes (0,1 to 4)
- Overpressure gauges and differential pressure with the diaphragm and the capsule of the same class
- Gauge in a given range
- Mechanical and electrical (digital) pressure calibrators
- Pointers and regulators of overpressure
- Transmitters with 4-20 mA output signal
- Mechanical blood pressure gauges.