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Head of the Department:
Abdulah Frndic, dipl. inz. mas.

Tel: 032 247 999/160
Fax: 032 247 980
E-mail: miz@miz.ba


Department for Welding


1- In general about department

 Department for Welding exists within The Institute for 30 years.
The expansion of the metal industry directly influenced the development of technology and welding technology both in terms of equipment, training personnel, development of welding consumables and new qualities of basic materials used for construction of welded.

These facts were the reason for establishing this Department, so as the existence of the necessary infrastructure that was represented in the Institute.

Welding Department as one of several organizational units within the Institute could not fulfill all the demanded requirements without the support of other departments in the framework of which there are laboratories for all types of mechanical tests (static and dynamic),  laboratory for non-destructive testing (radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic and penetrant testing, endoscopy) and laboratory for chemical and metallographic examination and mechanical workshops for making all kinds of tests for specific types of tests.

Welding Department is primarily due to the quality of their services gained the reputation of one of the leaders in this field in our region.

Activities of Department for welding

Activities of this Department are reflected in the following areas:

* Testing of welders - fusion welding (attest of welders) according to European standards EN 287-1 (for steel) and EN 287-2 (for aluminum and its alloys) and, if necessary, and other standards and procedures for: REL (111 ), TIG (141), MIG (131), MAG (135), gas (311) and others as requested by the customer,

* Qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials according to European standard EN 288-3 (for arc welding of steel) and other metal materials and welding procedures, and issue appropriate certificates.

* Training of candidates for the following welding processes:

- Manual arc coated electrode (111-REL),
- Arc welding with shielding gas CO2 (135-MAG),
- Arc welding with tungsten electrode in the protection of argon (TIG-141), -
- Gas welding oxy-acetylene flame (311-gas), and for other special procedures as required and agreed with the client,

* Supervision in performing welding operations,
* Development of specific welding technologies,
* Jobs of sanation and revitalization of vital machine parts of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper etc.. Services in the field of repair welding,
* Consultative services in the areas of technology and welding technology,
* Organizational activities and providing space for the presentation of the manufacturer of equipment and welding consumables,
* Issuing a certificate on the ability of plants to perform welding work according to EN 729 (the job is still in preparation),
* Testing of welding devices,
* Construction and testing of welded joints related to the mechanical (static and dynamic), metallographic (micro and macro), chemical and non-destructive testing (radiography, ultrasound, magnetic, penetrant, endoscopy) can be realized within the activities of other departments of the Institute.

  Business Partners

Department for welding, in its long existence, has achieved business cooperation with many companies, of which we can especially emphasize: BH Steel Zenica Steelwork, Metalno Zenica, Kakanj power plant,  Bratstvo Novi Travnik, Krivaja Zavidovici, Natron Maglaj, Kovina Visoko, Zenica Coal Mine , Enikon Kakanj, Rudstroj Kakanj, Zenica Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TRD Vares, Metalorad Turbe, TOM G. Vakuf - Uskoplje, Wire processing factory Sarajevo, Tuzla salt factory, the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory,'' GP'' Put Sarajevo, Gorazde TPO and a host of other occasional users of our services.