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Department for physical metallurgy
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Department for heat engineering and measurements
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Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
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Head of the Department:
Emina Kratina, dipl. ing.

Tel: 032 247 999/113
Fax: 032 247 980
E-mail: miz@miz.ba


Department for Physical metallurgy

Akreditacija_mehanicki_kalibracioni_laboratorij Akreditacija_metalografski_laboratorij


Department of Physical Metallurgy in its composition has three laboratories: Physical, Mechanical and Metallographic. Mechanical - test and calibration laboratory and Metallographic laboratory are the first in Bosnia-Herzegovina that received state accreditation of the Division of Standards, Metrology and Patents of Bosnia and Herzegovina (now the Institute for Accreditation BATA)in 1998.That way they fulfilled requirements of at that time current European standard EN 45001 in terms of qualifications to perform the testing and calibration in a field of  its activities. At the beginning of implementation  of the new standards BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025/2000 for test and calibration laboratories  all the laboratories of this Department, including Physical Laboratory have established, implemented and maintained quality system in accordance with its specification.

Mechanical calibration and Mechanical testing and Metallographic laboratory in 2007 renewed accreditation, according to BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025/2006 of the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA).

Activities of the Department's  Laboratories are mainly oriented towards market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond in the region. The activity of these laboratories is also seen in the framework of scientific and research work at the Institute, in taking the production and in experimental  production of certain materials at the Institute as well as in the framework of expertise and similar professional papers, and in testings  for the purposes of the court. This Department by summing up the results of their laboratory tests assesses the quality of materials by the latest editions of local (BAS) and international standards (EN, ISO),and  it classifies and issues the certificate for the analyzed material, and labeling materials is in accordance with the latest edition of BAS standards EN 10027-1 and BAS EN 10027-2.

Requirements of the market at the present time are mostly related to calibration of the devices for mechanical testing – tensile testing machine, presses, dynamometer, apparatus for testing hardness;to  the identification of materials, radiographic testings of weld joints as well as a complete mechanical, metallographic and NDT testing for qualification of welding technology, according to BAS EN 15614.
 Currently,  labopratories of the Department are included in research in experimental production of stainless steel NITRONIC 60 and super-alloys based on nickel NIMONIC 80A which are used in automotive industry.

Significant place in the activities of the Department has estimation of exhaustion of thermal plants - pipelines, steam lines, chambers, based on nondestructive testing-ultrasound, radiography, and testing of hardness and microstructure examination using replicas, as well as testing with the destruction - mechanical and metallographic. In this area the Department has significant references, which are primarily related to the Electricity BH - TE Kakanj and TE Tuzla.
 Physical laboratory is not accredited yet, but its staff is certified to perform non-destructive testing (NDT) and is currently in the process of preparation for obtaining accreditation from  BATA according to BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025/2006.


The Department,apropos its laboratories also have a permission from the Croatian Register of Shipping for mechanical, metallographic and NDT testings of metals, and for calibration of the equipment for the force, hardness and torque.

Mechanical testing and calibration laboratory is accredited for Mechanical testing of metallic materials, as well as to calibrate the equipment for the force (presses, tensile testing machines and dynamometer), and appliances for testing hardness, moment keys and  devices with the pendulum. .Read more..

Metallographic laboratory is accredited for Metallographic testings of metallic materials. Physical Laboratory has certified personnel to perform non-destructive control, ie to carry out ultrasonic, magnetic, testings with penetrators and radiographic testings in accordance to European standards... Read more….

Physical laboratory was established at the same time as the  Metallurgical Institute and in the past 47 years it has been following its development. On the basis of physical-metallurgical testsings conducted in this laboratory was implemented a significant number of projects in the domain of exploration,in mastering technologies and in  solving technological problems in the steel industry and other industries in the production and processing of metallic and non-metallic materials. Read more ...