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Organizational units:

Department for physical metallurgy
Department for metallurgical chemistry
Department for protection and ecology
Department for heat engineering and measurements
Department for welding
Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
Internet-Indok Center

Head of the Department:
Remzija Gusic, dipl. ing. (CV)

Tel: 032 247 999
Fax: 032 247 980
E-mail: miz@miz.ba


Department of Electrical Engineering and Automatics

Department of Electrical Engineering and Automatics

Briefly about the Department

Department of Electrical Engineering and Automatics is a very important link in the business of the Institute. The Department deals with the problems in all areas of electrical engineering: automation and electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications and informatics. The activities of these areas are the ones that this Department  performs for  the external clients  so as for other departments of The Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica and members of the University of  Zenica.
  Department has qualified staff and equipment necessary for the successful resolution of these issues from all areas. Post-war period,  besides services for external business partners, imposed an increased involvement of employees of the Department to maintain the plant within the Institute in order to achieve the smooth functioning of the process.
  The extremely rapid development of technology in the field of electrical engineering obliges employees of Department to continuous education and training.

  Activities of Department of Electrical Engineering and Automatics


Department provides certain legal services to external entities defined by a request for bid with the possibility of concluding long-term contracts and  in this regard is very flexible and completely user-oriented. For these services Department issues the appropriate attests -certificates compatible with currently applicable regulations for the corresponding field.

Department performs the following activities:

  • Automation of technological processes,
  • Modernization of measuring and control equipment,
  •  Electrical testing
  • VN test voltage to 20 kV (tanks for all types of fuels),
  • Inspection, testing and recording of IU characteristics of welding,
  • Testing of lightning conductors,
  • Testing of low voltage electrical installations,
  • Testing of fire alarm systems,
  • Maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment
  • For all services The Institute, and thus the Department has the authority of competent Ministry.


In 2008 - during the construction of the university computer network, whose backbone was implemented by modern optical cables, Department was the carrier of the works for the development of infrastructure of  mentioned network. The network was successfully implemented in extremely difficult conditions, and the most part is located within the Institute.