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Organizational units:

Department for physical metallurgy
Department for metallurgical chemistry
Department for protection and ecology
Department for heat engineering and measurements
Department for welding
Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
Internet-Indok Center


History  About system of quality management Equipment Accredits

The Institute possesses the following accredits of the laboratories:


-LK-02-01 (for the field of calibration devices for force, momentum and hardness);
-LI-02-02 (for the field of mechanical testings of metal materials);
-LI-02-03 (for the field of metallographical testings of metal materials);
-LI-02-04 (for the field of chemical testings of metal materials and oil products and physical-mechanical testings of building materials including refractories);
-LK-02-05 (for the field of calibration of temperature and pressure measuring instruments).


Thanks to its equipment and flexibility The Institute has got series of authorisations from different institutions for performing special jobs.Some of them are:

- Resolution of The Institute for standards, measuring and intellectual property of BiH about qualifying of the Body for inspection of the vehicles of categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, for transport of dangerous substances according to ADR ( which is a part of one of the organizational units of The Institute- Department for protection and ecology);

-Resolution of The Ministry of foreign trade and economical relations of BiH about nomination of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Znica as supervision agency for valuation of quality compatibility of liquid diesel fuels according to Decree about quality of liguid diesel fuels;

-Resolution of The Ministry of foreign trade and international communication for performing foreign trade;

-Resolution of The Federal Ministry of trade for inspection of quality at export and import of products (of refractories, steel bottles, oils, lubricants, paints and varnishes, compost, detergents, hydroisolation materials );

-Resolution of The Federal Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management for performing measurings of waste water or other waste substances which are being tested in water,on public construction,agriculture and other terrains;

-Resolution of The Ministry of labour and social protection for performing jobs of protection at work and fire protection;

-Resolution of The Ministry of internal affairs Sarajevo by which is The Institute authorized to perform professional training of the drivers of motor vehicles which are used for transport of dangerous substances and of the other persons who participate in the transport of the dangerous substances;

-Resolution of The Federal Ministry of health for performing activities connected to ionized radiation-use of analytical and industrial devices which produce ionized radiation and use of radioactive substances in industry;

-The guidance of Technical committee for steel and steel products (BAS/TC) is accredit to The Institute. Its headquarters is placed at The Institute;

-Great number of the researchers of The Institute are members of many technical committees;

-The Institute ia a regular member of the Association for welding of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is a member of the European federation for welding, jointing and cutting EWF (membership card number 4/05 );

-The Institute is also a member of Association of accredit bodies for valuation of compatibility, certification and verification in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established on 16th November, in 2005;

-The Institute is a member of Croation association for fuels and lubricants-GOMA, Zagreb.