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Organizational units:

Department for physical metallurgy
Department for metallurgical chemistry
Department for protection and ecology
Department for heat engineering and measurements
Department for welding
Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
Internet-Indok Center



The Activities of The Metallurgical Institute
„Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica are:

- research and  experimental development in the natural sciences
- research and experimental development in technical and technological sciences
- architectural and engineering activities and technical advicing
- technical testing and analysis
- education of adults
- work of libraries
- giving advices about hardware
- advising and offering software
- data processing
- making and controling of data base
- other related computer activities.

Within the registered activities The Institute can serve activities of production in sets of lower number of products, in other words objects which are the result of the scientific and research work in other words skilled work of The Institute.