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December, in 2008

Toward the end of December in 2008 the first translations of the documents of quality system of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica were submited to Norwegian Accredit Body.

Namely, in the middle of October during the operating visit a delegation of Norwegian Accredit Body NA visited BATA. During the visit Cooperation Agreement was signed. On the basis of this Agreement a project suggestion was defined. This suggestion amongst the rest includes a  backup for accreditation by NA of few testing and calibration laboratories in Bosnia and Herzegovina which were already acccredited by BATA. Among all these accredit laboratories in Bosnia and Herzegovina suggested laboratories are laboratories of  The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanovic“ Zenica :

-Mechanical testing laboratory,
-Metallographic laboratory,
-Physical laboratory in the area of NDT testings,
-Mechanical calibration in the area of force and hardness,
- Laboratory for technical measurings in the area of calibration of temperature measures

Coordinators of this project are: Mrs. Azemina Klobodanović, graduate engineer- The Manager of quality in The Institute-representative of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanovic“ Zenica and Mr.Khalid Saeed-representative of NA.
In November in 2008 in English were translated master lists, lists of available equipment and accredit methods, all included laboratories, lists of equipment which should be acquired for needs of giving services in which is the firm Bjorge interested. All this was also submited to Mr. Khalid Saeed in Norway.
By this project it was also agreed that financial support for equipment which should be aquired can be expected from the Government of Norway and/or the firm Bjorge.

On 24th December, in 2008 we received the news that project suggestion for Providing services which support business and innovations and which was nominated as EU project got positive mark. This is how Bosnia and Herzegovina became a part of the widest network for business support in the world-Enterprice Europe Network.
Participants of this project are Foreign Trade Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Euro info Corespondence Center-EICC BA ), Accredit Regional Agency of the northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina-ARDA, Technological park in Mostar, University in Sarajevo and The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica, of The University in Zenica.
At the beginning of 2009 a certain operative support from Bruxelles, connected to beginning of planned activities and activating in network activities as soon as possible, is being expected.

On 16th December, in 2008, Mirsada Oruč Ph.D.BSc.TcH. the director of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica, of The University in Zenica participated in the work of Advisory Committeee for Accreditation of The Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as its member.
On this occasion central goals which should be accomplished were defined. One of these goals is:
By the end of 2009 The Institute for Accreditation will prepare itself for submiting application for signing MLA with EA in at least one field of accreditation, what is very important for accredit laboratories of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanovic“ Zenica, of The University in Zenica.

On 19th December, in 2008 delegation of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica and of Faculty for metallurgy and materials of The University in Zenica visited University in Maribor. On this occasion directives for preparations for mutual participation in realization of project with universities of the countries of west Balkans were set.

November, in 2008

On 26th November, in 2008 informatic course began for employees of JP VIK Zenica. This course is consisted of basic training and it lasts two months.

On 24th November, in 2008 the third regular inspection of the Inspection body-ITN, OJ at the Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica was performed by Team which was set by The Institute for accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( BATA ).
Members of this Inspection Team are Mr Vasilije Hamović, graduate engineer-team leader       ( control of managing system ) and Mr Pero Dugić-expert ( control of technical adequacy ).
This inspection was done successfully. That is why this Inspection Team will give reccommandations to The Committee of BATA to continue validity of the earlier obtained accreditation according to standard BAS ISO/IEC 17020:2001

On 12th November, in 2008 at The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica an agreement with The Federal Ministry for energy, mining and industry was signed. This agreement is about use of money transfer for 2008 for realization of project „Introducing new technologies of processing of nonmetal-mineral raw materials in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.“

Concept of the mentioned project and planned scope of research is focused towards introducing new technologies of processing of high-quality nonmetal mineral raw materials for which is a certain interest expressed at markets of surrounding countries and in EU countries.
Results of mentioned research should be of assistance for state institutions in creating Strategy of development. At the same time it will present a significant encouragement for developing small and medium-sized firms.

On 11th November, in 2008 The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“Zenica of The University in Zenica signed an agreement about busines cooperation with firm „ArcelorMittal Prijedor“ d.o.o.Prijedor. This busines cooperation will be realized by performing testings of iron ores at The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“Zenica

October, in 2008

On 28th October, in 2008 the representatives of The Croation Register of Ships from Split Mr.Ivica Anzulović, graduate engineer and  Mr.Mijo Rakuljić, graduate engineer performed scheduled inspection of the laboratories of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica.

On 8th November, in 2004 The Institute got the Authorization for performing certain activities from The Croation Register of Ships and therefor within the scheduled inspection a check of functioning of the laboratories was performed in: Mechanical, Testing and Calibration laboratory, Metallographic, Physical, Chemical-ceramical-mineralogical, Laboratory for technical measuring, Body for certification of the welders and welding technology. This check was performed in the presence of Azemina Klobodanović, B.Sc.- The Manager of quality in The Institute. The representatives of The Croatian Register of Ships evaluated the authorized laboratories and bodies with positive mark and the yannounced renewal of validity of previously mentioned Authorization.

During 2007 and 2008 conversations were headed actively and the study was done on actualizing the line of business between The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica and the firm CIMOS TMD Ai Gradačac. This study was validate in October in 2008 by ratification of an agreement. Business cooperation will be accomplished by teamwork of these two institutions on developing special materials for needs of car industry such as for other consumers on the market.

As permanent co-authors and business partners The Institute for metal materials from Ljubljana introduced in a special way the representatives of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica at the 61st Symosium on Metallurgy and Metal Materials and the 16th Conference on Materials and at the 1st International Conference on Materials and Tehnologies under the patronage of IUVSTA and FEMS. The Institute presented two works to the present members.

In period May-October, in 2008. at The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica was preformed a scheduled inspection from the Body  who performed accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories. The validity of previously given accredits was confirmed on this occasion. The Institute confirmed that it has arranged system of quality managing in laboratories according to relevant standards in which way it is ready to answer the market demands.

June, in 2008

In a period from 24th to 27th June, in 2008 the representative of The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica, of the Laboratory for measuring Mr. Edin Terzić, master of sciences and of Laboratory for mechanical testings  Omer Beganović,B.Sc.  were participants of Training within Program Cards 2006 held at the University in Ljubljana where was performed Interlaboratory comparison of results and where they had chance to compare testings results with other laboratories.
This was a chance to exchange mutual experineces and knowledge of afore-mentioned fields.

In a period from 22nd to 26th June, in 2008 in Šibenik, Croatia was held the 8th International Symposium „Materials and Metallurgy“ where The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica was active participant.
Mirsada Oruč, Ph.D.BSc.TcH - the director of The Insitute, presented all the possibilities of The Institute and invited all presents to future cooperation.

May, in 2008

On the 20th May, in 2008 „The Institute for economical engineering“ d.o.o. Zenica, under the patronage of Federal Ministry of Traffic and Communication, organized The 1st International skilled meeting on the occasion of 20th May-Day of Measurment/Metrology. The Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanović“ Zenica of The University in Zenica took active participation with the presentation „Sizing of measuring devices“ whose author is Mirsada Oruč, Ph.D.BSc.TcH -the director of The Institute.

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