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June 2009

From the 4th June to 7th June in 2009 in Neum was held the 6th Scientific and professional meeting with international participation „QUALITY 2009'', and the organizer of this meeting was the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University in cooperation with the University Erlangen from Germany and the Association for quality from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Theme paper included four areas: quality in the economy, quality in the education, quality in the public sector and Normative regulation of quality.
For this meeting  163 scientific and professional papers from 16 countries were accepted. From The Metallurgical Institute''Kemal Kapetanovic'' of The University in Zenica in this gathering attended and actively participated Azemina Klobodanović, Bs. and Prof.D.Sc. Mirsada Oruč with paper „EFQM - model for excellence.''

May 2009

On 27th May in 2009 was performed the pre-assessment of the Institute’s laboratories (three test and two laboratories for calibration) in order to acquire international accreditation by the Norwegian Accreditation Body. Pre-assessment was carried out by Mrs Cecilia Laško, technical director of the body and the observer in front of Bata was Mrs Nezaheta Vrcić. Coordinator of the project in front of the Institute was Azemina Klobodanović, Bs-Quality Manager.
On this occasion with the presence of leaders was performed the pre-assessment of the following laboratories:
-The Mechanical Testing Laboratory,
-The Metallographic Laboratory,
-Physical Laboratory in the field of NDT testing,
-Mechanical Calibration Laboratory in the field of force and the hardness and
-The Laboratory for Measurement Techniques in the field of calibration measurement of temperature

From May 7th until May 8th The Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, the University of Zenica - Neira Delic and Azra Emic participated in the International Conference "Joining the European Union possibilities of  development of SMEs in South Eastern Europe" which was held in Kragujevac in Serbia in the period from May 7th until May 8th.

In addition to the Institute and the University of BiH The conference was attended by representatives of Business Start-up center of Zenica and businessmen of small and medium enterprises from Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives from the Cluster Gračanica and Mostar.

In the framework of the Conference on May 7th, with the welcoming speech by EU, the University of Kragujevac, and the organization SPARK, presentations from different fields of science and economy were held.These presentations were presented by moderators from several countries of South East Europe, Among them was the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
On the second day – May 8th the Fair of Entrepreneurship was open and two round tables were held. Representatives of the Institute and the University participated in the roundtable on the theme "Developing entrepreneurial skills-cooperation between universities and economy." Album

April 2009

On april 23rd The organizers of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH held a meeting of the Information on the Seventh Framework Program of European Community for research, technological development, and sample activities (FP7) under the name "Towards integration in the European research fields." The goal of this meeting was to introduce Bosnia and Hercegovina scientific institutions and other interest groups with the opportunities offered by the recently signed association of B&H FP7, and to establish potentially interested partners and defines the way for further cooperation with the European research community.
Directorates of European Commission for research, COST, and the Joint Research Center, presented the presents and informed them by examples which support the practical aspects of participation in calls for proposals for FP7.

April 6th The second cycle of training for work on the computer for employees JP Water and sewage Zenica was completed. In the modern equipped hall, training was conducted by lecturer Azra Emic, ecc. and assistant Ramila Skomorac. Training included basic training (the Windows environment and the basics of MS Word) for a period of two months. All participants successfully passed the final verification of knowledge and thus were qualified for the award of diplomas. Album.

March 2009

- Representatives of the Institute Professor Mirsada Oruč, Halim Prcanovic and Mirnes Durakovic attended Symposium: "Application of the EU directive in the contemporary international road transport-DIGITAL Tachograph & ADR in 2009." The conference was held

on March 24th in Zenica in the organization of ECOS Institute for education of Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH and the "IPI-Institute for Economic inženjering" doo Zenica.
Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica, the University of Zenica formed the inspection body for certification of vehicles for the transport of hazardous materials according to ADR, and the training of drivers and testing drivers for listed vehicles. Inspection body is accredited by the competent institutions of BiH. In the framework of continuous education and monitoring of the latest regulations and directives in this field the knowledge of this paper will contribute improving the above mentioned tasks.

- On March 13th the second cycle of training for work on the computer for employees JP Water and sewage Zenica was completed. This training was attended by 12 participants. It lasted one month and it was about basics of MS Excel.
- On March 11th and 12th in Zenica was organized Seminar - Training of BH Quality - Center for development, quality, consulting and services, Sarajevo and DNV DET NORSKE VERITAS, in cooperation with the Business Start-up Center of Zenica. The seminar is primarily intended for people who manage the system and run system of quality in companies and people who participate the auditors. The seminar was organized in order to provide knowledge about key elements of the Quality System according to the latest international standard ISO 9001:2008. The participants of the Workshop from the Institute were Azemina Klobodanović, Bs. (Quality Manager) and Sadmir Memčić, Bs. (internal auditor). All the participants of this seminar, after the knowledge test, if results were satisfactory, were given the international certificate of qualification for internal auditors issued by DNV, and the certificate issued by the performers of Seminar B&H Quality.

- On martch 5th As part of the continuing education of staff of accredit Laboratory for measuring of Metallurgical Institute „Kemal Kapetanovic“ Zenica, the University of Zenica Narcisa Jarović and Mustafa Hadžalić attended seminar: „Measuring equipment for measuring and calibration of TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE IN MODERN INDUSTRIAL PROCESS.“
- The specified meeting was held on March 5th in Belgrade, during which the participants, besides presentation of the device for measuring and calibration, and specialized exposures in this area, took part in workshops with the presentation of the performance of different procedures of calibration.

February, in 2009

On 9th February, in 2009 second cyclus of informatic course began for employees of JP VIK Zenica. This course is consisted of basic training ( Windows area and basis of MS Word ) and it lasts two months ( 10 attendants ) and for group of attendants ( Basis of MS Excel ) and it lasts one month ( 12 attendants ).

On february 2nd the University Djemal Bijedić in Mostar was held Round table on the theme: "The introduction of electronic learning (e-learning) and distance learning (Distance Learning System)" which was attended by Faik Čičak representative of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica, the University of Zenica.
Round table is part of project activities BOSRED III and it is related to the presentation of results and experience achieved through this way of school.

January, in 2009

On 23rd January in 2009 was finished the first cycle of training for computer work for employees of JP Vodovod i kanalizacija Zenica. The training included basic training (Windows and bases of MS Word ) and it lasted two months.