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December in 2010

On 8th December in 2010
in the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held the second meeting of the European Business Club organized by the Euro Info Correspondence Centre of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH on the topic "When will export companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina get a valid export certificate issued by the competent institutions of BiH“. Businessmen were among others addressed by  the director of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović“Zenica - Professor Mirsada Oruč who presented the possibilities of the Institute.

November in 2010

On 24th Nov. 2010 Tarahija Fahrudin, a representative of the Institute attended the seminar entitled "National Tempus Information Days in BiH", organized by Tempus Office in BiH. The seminar was held in East Sarajevo at Faculty of Economics, University of East Sarajevo. The aim of the seminar is to promote new opportunities for Tempus and other EU projects in the field of higher education.

Project of accreditation of several laboratories of Metallurgical Institute''Kemal  Kapetanovic Zenica''by the Norwegian Accreditation Body, which began at the beginnning of 2009 was successfully ended on 16th November in 2010.Specifically, the team composed of Inger Cecilie Laake (lead assessor) and Fredrik Langmead, Crina Rauta and Frank Combe (technical assessors-experts), on 15th and 16th November completed the final phase of evaluation of five laboratories involved in the mentioned project.

At the closing meeting, at which on behalf of the Institute was present Azemina Klobodanović, B.Sc.. - the head of quality at the Institute and coordinator of this project, and the heads of all the laboratories involved in the project, NA team with leading reviewer, Inger Cecilie Laake, who expressed great satisfaction because of the successful implementation of requires that followed after the initial assessment performed by the  NA team in March this year.
As a result of the active involvement of all participants from the Institute in this project and support of the Director of the Institute, without any support of others, soon they will be awarded with two international accreditation –one for  laboratories in the field of test methods, and the other for laboratories in the field of calibration method. These are the following laboratories: Mechanical testing, Metallographic and Physical laboratory, Mechanical calibration laboratory and the Laboratory for technical measurements.

So, these are the first laboratories in the country which will be presented in the international accreditation! Photos

Since 15th Nov. 2010 untill 17th Nov. 2010 was held 18th conference about materials and technology in Portoroz - Slovenia. Representatives of the Metallurgical Institute actively participated in this conference with their work"Metal Materials with Modified Characteristics."

On 12th Nov. 2010 in Zenica was held two-day conference for business development of 2010th organized by Faculty of Economics,of the University of Zenica. At the conference of international character  representatives of Bosnia & Herzegovina and researchers from countries from the region took part.

On 10th Nov. 2010. The company USAID Project SIDA Bosnia & Herzegovina in Sarajevo organized "Conference on the practical approach to EU standards necessary for export." A representative of USAID Mission addressed to all the present, and then the representatives of FIRMA project, and the Institute for Standardization addressed to the present. The conference was attended by Neira Delic representative of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic " of the University of Zenica

October in 2010

 On 29th Oct. in 2010 in Mechanical and Chemical-ceramic-mineral laboratory of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic"Zenica, University of Zenica was carried out regular supervision by Mr. Mijo Rakuljić - representative of the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS). In front of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic"Zenica supervision was by attended Azemina Klobodanović -Head of quality level of the Institute and staff of the laboratory headed by the leaders: Branko Muminović and Kesic Suvad. This is the second regular monitoring of the authorizations previously acquired by the CRS, for performing services from previously obtained authorization.

On 22nd 2010. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce Split in cooperation with the Office of Technology Transfer, University of Split as a partner in the European network of entrepreneurial, organized business meetings within the 15th International Fair of SASO. At Business meetings were attended by a total of 122 participants from 92 companies who have held a total of 126 bilateral meetings. Professor Mirsad Oruc and Neira Delic - representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic"Zenica, University of Zenica as a partner in the European entrepreneurial network BiH have actively participated in these meetings as a partner in the organization and as participants in the bilateral talks. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of business meeting and on behalf of the businessmen of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the opening meeting, the participants were welcomed by Professor. Dr. Mirsad Oruč director of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica, University of Zenica. (Photos)

On 19th Oct. In 2010. Advantage Austria Sarajevo in Hotel Europa in Sarajevo organized an economic mission, where particpated eight Austrian companies from different economic sectors, which are interested in establishing various forms of cooperation with the Bosnian-Herzegovinian companies and institutions. In these meetings, representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica, University of Zenica. Interviews were conducted with leading companies in the field of trade steel, chemical products. On this occasion they exchanged experiences in business and demonstrated the mutual interest for future cooperation

On 16th Oct. in 2010. in the premises of the National Museum in Sarajevo was solemnly signed the Agreement on co-financing projects in the field of science relevant to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which the Federal Ministry of Education in 2010 provided funds. In addition to other scientific research institutions Federation agreement was co-signed by Meliha Alic Minister of Federal Ministry of Education and Science and Professor Mirsada Oruč Director of  Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic "Zenica, University of Zenica.

On 6th Oct. in 2010. representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic " Narcisa Jarovic-Bajramovic, Ermina Festic and Fahrudin Tarahija within the business meeting at the fair organized by ZEPS EEN network BiH had meetings with representatives of firms:
 1 KungsőrsPlast AB, Sweden
 2 CIMOS TMD Ai, Gradačac
 3 TAG dd Gorazde (Factory tools Gorazde),
 These companies were introduced with the activities of the Institute, and they exchanged experiences in order to possible future cooperation.

September in 2010

On 23rd Sep. in 2010.  in organization  of  the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held a symposium on "Status and perspectives of scientific research and research development activities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" in which also participated the director of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic"Zenica, University of Zenica. On this occasion, was presented the assessment of the state of scientific resources in the Federation, the aspects of a model of sustainable development and financing of scientific research and research development activities, the goals of the European Union in this field with the comparison of activities in the Republic of Slovenia on the development of scientific research and research development activities.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC Barcelona) and Mechanical Engineering, Bahcesehir University in Istanbul organized the 9th International Scientific Conference TMT of 2010. Within several days of work in formation, sessions and poster presentations,at the ship Sinfonija of MSC company, which had its regular Mediterranean route, participants of the conference, about 200 from 27 countries had the
opportunity to hear the latest results of research activities of scientists and representatives of the academic community , to exchange ideas and experiences and discuss new projects and modalities of international cooperation. Active participation in this conference also took representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica.


Business meetings were organized by the Enterprise Europe Network Hungary in September 2010. The business meetings were attended by enterpreneurs of Southeast Europe and also representatives from a dozen countries, including representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University of Zenica. During the meetings they exchanged experiences and created the preconditions for further cooperation.

June in 2010

 During the period from June 20th  to June 24th  was held  9th  International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society "SHMD 2010" in Sibenik. Symposium was attended by 46 countries with 541 works divided into 4 sections. Representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from the University of Zenica were from  the Metallurgical Institute and the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials. Synopsis of  these works are published in magazine Metalurgija (Metallurgy). Honorary Member (Honour Board) of the Symposium was Professor Mirsada Oruč and Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" from Zenica, University of  Zenica received recognition for cooperation. (Photos)

Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Zenica was the organizer of the first conference entitled "Maintenance of 2010" which was held on  June 10th  in Zenica. The conference was organized to gather people who are engaged in maintenance funds for work in various fields, exchange of experiences in the practical maintenance activities, transfer of knowledge in the field of maintenance. Participation in the Conference took representatives from BiH and the countries from the region, who presented the work with a variety of topics related to this area. Metallurgical Institute "Kemal  Kapetanović" Zenica also took share with work entitled" The effect of maintenance of boilers and cyclone plant emissions of solid particles and flue gases into the atmosphere, "H. Prcanović, M. Oruč, M. Duraković, S cow. (Photos)

In the period from May 31st to  June 4th  in 2010 in Portoroz, Slovenia was held the International Symposium of the temperature, humidity and moisture - TEMPMEKO & ISHM 2010. Symposium was attended by authors from 38 countries and they presented 435 scientific and research papers from around the world. In addition to exhibitors from the region the world's most famous manufacturers of calibration equipment were also the sponsors of this symposium and they also took care that all participants feel comfortable. Representatives of the Metallurgical Institute"Kemal Kapetanović"Zenica, University of Zenica, also took part at this Symposium with scientific research paper entitled: "The new prototype apparatus for calibration of sensors for measuring the temperature of solid surfaces"

Author: Edin Terzic, Head of the Department of Thermotechniques and Head of the Laboratory for Technical Measurements of the Metallurgical Institute"Kemal Kapetanović"Zenica, University of Zenica. ( more ..)

May in 2010

During the period from May 27th  to May 28th  Technology Development Centre from Osijek and Varaždin Technology Park Ltd.  within the European business network EEN HR organized business event on the theme "Oil industry, renewable energy sources and environmental protection."
Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic "Zenica, University of Zenica, as a partner in the EEN BiH  joined this event as a partner with the organizers Technology Development Centre Osijek, Varaždin Technology Park Ltd, Business Information Center Ltd. - BICRO Zagreb, Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Economic and Industry Chamber of Pecs.

Participants of this meeting presented their presentations, and then they exchanged experiences and problems encountered in business, and guided discussions about possible business arrangements. As a part of this event all members of this event were enabled to visit EXPO fair,Pamapas,Osijek. (more.....) ( Photos)


Roundtable on "Building, development and prospects of electric power facilities in Zenica-Doboj Canton"

On Wednesday, May 5th in 2010 in Zenica, the capital of Zenica-Doboj Canton was held a roundtable on "Building, development and prospects of electric power facilities in Zenica-Doboj Canton. The organizers of this roundtable were Elektroprivreda BiH, Brown Coal Mine Kakanj and the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton.
The meeting was attended by representatives of government, the scientific institutions and businessmen of Canton. On this occasion they presented planned settings for the development of the energy system in Zenica-Doboj Canton, priorities in the construction of power facilities, plan preparation and construction of block No.8. TE Kakanj and mine development plans Kakanj Breza mine. Prof. Dr. Mirsad Oruč - Director of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica took part in this occasion.

April in 2010


 During the period from April 27 th to April 28 th in 2010 was held The 7th Scientific research Symposium with international participation, organized by the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials , University of Zenica. As part of his symposium were organized the following activities:

1 Promotion of monographs on the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials  and Higher Education in Zenica
2  Opening the conference within which were presented Arcelor Mittal and BH Telecom
3 Presentation of papers in three parallel sessions:
- Metallic materials
 - Nonmetallic Materials,
- Protection of working and living environment and sustainable development
4 Summary of 5th Symposium
5 Visit to Kraljeva Sutjeska.

Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic " Zenica participated in this meeting with three papers:
- Contribution to the strategy of development of  new materials in BiH, (Almaida Gigović-Gekić, Mirsada Oruč)
- The effect of δ-ferrite on mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steel (Mirsada Oruč , Milenko Rimac, Nafija Šehić-Music)
- The effect of Al and Ti on the recrystallization temperature of superalloy Nimonic 80A (Omer  Beganovic, Branka Muminović, Belma Fakić, Faik Uzunović)

March in 2010

 Meeting of the European Business Club

 In the action of Euro Info Correspondent Centre of Chamber of Commerce of BiH on March 30 th in 2010 was  held the first meeting of the European Business Club.

Business Club was attended by representatives of 25 companies from different sectors of the economy, including Neira Delic, a representative of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic "Zenica, University of Zenica. The aim of the European Business Club is that an export oriented companies get an opportunity to discuss in an informal atmosphere with the relevant ministers about issues that directly affect their success in business and on the world market.

 On this occasion, President of the Chamber of Commerce introduced European entrepreneurial network of BiH.

During the period from March 2nd to  March 5th  in 2010  at the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica in the continuation of previous activities, which were managed by Azemina Klobodanović - Manager of Quality at the Institute, was conducted the evaluation of five laboratories  by the Norwegian accreditation body, in order to obtain international accreditation.
The assesment team was consisted of:

• Cecilie Leake, a leading reviewer and technical experts Frederik Langemead, Frank Combe, Crino Raut
According to the plan which was conciliated with managers and staff  of  laboratory was performed evaluation of laboratories of the Institute:

• Mechanical testing laboratory, Metallographic laboratory, Physical laboratory  in the field of NDT testings, Mechanical calibration laboratory in the field of force and strength.

The assesment team was satisfied and expressed compliments for educational staff, working and organizational culture, and pointed to the minor lacks for whose  corrections was left  a short period of time, after which followed accreditation.
Having  NA accreditation will be of great importance for the Insitute and for BiH because the listed laboratories and their results  will have a better chance in the international market. PICTURES

On March 11th in  2010 was held a meeting of the Advisory Council for Accreditation (SVA) to mark the beginning of Educational center BATA which was attended by Professor Mirsada Oruč-member of the Council. On this occasion were pointed out the importance and the most important tasks and goals of the project "Strengthening of accreditation system in BiH, and the importance of accreditation in Europe and the world. Besides lectures exposed by the Chairman of SVA Mr. Mirsad Pojskić and director of  BATA Mr. Zarko Petrovic, tcertain lectures were exposed by  experts of the consortium: Mr.Hansgeorg Thiele and Mr. Jorgen Blom.

February in 2010

During the period from Feb.23rd  to Feb.26th in 2010 in the Multimedia center of the University of Zenica of  Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica was held a seminar entitled "Uniadrion Media 2010 Course in Streaming Technologies for the Web." Seminar was designed for Web administrators, students, assistants and all other persons engaged in furnishing Website.
 This seminar was attended by employees of the Institute Azra Emic,ecc and Nermin Mutapcic. The seminar was held in collaboration of the University of Zenica, Faculty of Health and Uniadrion - Virtual University of the Adriatic - lonan basin and University of Bologna. Lecturer at the Seminar was prof. Cristiano Leoni, e-LearningLab CELAB University of Bologna Forli .- Polo. PICTURES




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