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December in 2012

On December 19th in 2012 in occasion of the 51st anniversary of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, was held an international scientific conference entitled "Improving Regional Research Cooperation Between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina". (More. ..) (Album)

At the conference was also promoted the Monograph of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University in Zenica titled "All of our years."
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November in 2012

On November 28th in 2012 in Sarajevo in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina  in White Hall, was held the final conference of the project "Development of New Accreditation Scheme in Bosnia." Team leader was Vladimir Ludvik, who said that all certificates issued by accredited test laboratory calibration and inspection bodies by BATA are recognized in Europe and the world.

Conference in front of the University and Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica was attended by Ph.D.sci. Mirsada Oruč accredited member of the Advisory Council of the Bosnia and Herzegovina  authorities

October in 2012

From October 17th to October 19th in 2012 was held the 20th jubilee conference on “Materialih in tehnologijah”..

The conference was attended by  the active participants of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" and Metallurgical Faculty of the University in Zenica with their  work:


authors:Besim Baručija, Mirsada Oruč Omer Beganović, Milenko Rimac, Sulejman Muhamedagić.


"7th Congress of Women's Entrepreneurship Tirana October 2012".

7th Congress of Entrepreneurs of the Adriatic-Ionian area, in which participated Mrs.Neira Delic – the representative of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, was held on October 15th in 2012 in Albania in Tirana, organized by the Entrepreneurs of the Adriatic-Ionian area (AIC Forum) and the Association of Business Women of Albania (SHGPAZ), all within the Europen SME Week. At the same time was held the Conference on "The contribution of women entrepreneurs to Albanian economy." (More. ..) (Call) (Album)

September in 2012


 On September 13th in 2012 the representatives of The Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica took part in business meetings organized by Obrtno - podjetniške zbornie Slovenia, EEN, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, which took place in Celje as a part of  the fair CELJE 2012. More ... Album

July in 2012

The Ministry of Civil Affairs in collaboration with the University of East Sarajevo and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA Austrian Development Cooperation) towards the Establishment of the System of National Contact Points, the Framework Programmes in BiH (NCP FP BiH) organized on July 10th in 2012 The Information Day for FP7 Programme: FP7 - preparation of project proposals and opportunities for mobility of researchers. After an introduction by representatives of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalibor Drljača - Member of the POEPLE Program Committee explained the audience open calls for proposals for projects, and Catherine Bošnjaković - Healt, BIO and Environement NCP indicated the method of preparation of the project proposal. At the meeting participated representatives of economical organizations, scientific institutions and students. (GALLERY)

Business Intelligence Community of Practice

On 5th July in 2012 in the Library of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica,  University in Zenica was held a Symposium- Business Intelligence Community of Practice on:
- More advanced business intelligence with great information -

The event was organized by the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University in Zenica as a partner of the European Enterprise Network, and the lecturer was Vladimir Videnović - Solutions Architect, Oracle Business Intelligence, National President, Institute for Information Management, Australia. (More..PDF.) (Album)

May in 2012
In the period from 24th May to  25th  May  in 2012 in the Laboratory for Technical Measurements of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica was conducted the second regular monitoring during the second cycle of accreditation by the National accreditation body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA) according to EN ISO 17025: 2006. (More...)

April  in 2012
On 24th April in 2012 was held a presentation of modern and innovative presentation and networking of companies through the Virtual Fair EFAIR4 in which took part representatives of numerous small and medium enterprises, institutions including representatives of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica,  University of Zenica . The project involves seven countries from Europe, and over 8,000 companies that offer a presentation on the international market and communication among companies. More on ...

Round Table: "To develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in Bosnia and Herzegovina"
On 13th April in 2012  in Tuzla  was held the manifestation  to mark the World Day of entrepreneurship.
The aim of the manifestation is to bring together relevant actors in the field of entrepreneurship from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, to discuss the situation, share experiences and establish guidelines for further development of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to stress the importance of entrepreneurship in job creation and general for overall economic development. A number of prominent speakers from the field of business from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, as well as representatives from government, NGO and business sector, scientists, university professors, students and other stakeholders, and representatives of Metallurgical Institute " Kemal Kapteanović” Zenica participated in this meeting.

March in 2012

From 15th  March to 16th March in 2012 in Solin, Croatia, was held 13th International Symposium on Quality: “ Quality and Social Responsibility.” Scientists from 15 countries, including representatives of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica,  University of Zenica took part at the symposium. Album ...

On 7th March in 2012 was held a meeting between the consortium partners of the Enterprise Europe Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  At the meeting was analyzed the degree of realization of tasks planned for the period 2011-2012.
Remember, Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, like OU of the University together with the  Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the University of Sarajevo, Mostar Technology Park, and Regional agency applied the CIP project of EU for participation in the network of Enterprise Europe Network designed to support small and medium enterprises in the field of business information, technology transfer and innovation within the European Union.
The project should provide:
-the dissemination of information and awareness relating to innovation - policies, legislation, support programs,
-facilitating the link between innovation centers, including related intellectual services,
-to support SMEs to innovate,
-the development of partnerships and knowledge transfer,
-the connection of the extension and application of research results

February in 2012
Positive feedback and expanding the scope of accreditation of laboratories of the Institute

In the period from 31st January to 2nd February in 2012  laboratories of  Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica were the subject of the first assessment after gaining international accreditation by the Norwegian accreditation body - NA according to EN ISO / IEC 17025, and the subject of  laboratory assessment of readiness to expand the scope of accreditation of the same. Assessment was made Mrs. Crina Rauta - leading assessor and technical expert for the calibration of thermometers, Frank Combe - a technical assessor for the area of physical and mechanical and metallographic tests and Morten Bjorgen - the assessor at training. They  positively evaluated these laboratories. Album...

Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University of Zenica following the trend of market demands,directed enthusiasm and knowledge of employees towards strengthening the business relationships with small and medium-sized enterprises and in solving their problems. Modern market requires constant struggle and a lot of effort in gaining competitive advantage. The Institute has recognized the quality of verification as an important factor of competitiveness, and in 1997 it made the decision to launch projects for introduction of quality management in laboratories of the Institute according to standard EN 45001. Period of operation of the Institute from 1998th  to 2006th is characterized by first gained accreditation of laboratories by the National Accreditation Body in Bosnia-BATA according to standard EN 45001, and later by EN ISO / IEC 17025.
The Institute made an important step for enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina in November in 2010 by gaining international accreditation for five laboratories by the Norwegian accreditation body. In this occasion they granted two accreditations - one for area of particular test methods in three laboratories (Mechanical Testing, Metallographic and Physical), and the other one for area for certain methods of calibration in two laboratories (Mechanical Calibration and Laboratory for Technical Measurements). These are the first international accreditation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

January in 2012
On 20th January in 2012 The Institute hosted the dialogue about past and future cooperation between scientific institutions of the two neighboring countries. Ph.D. Mirko Gojić, Head of the Department of Physical Metallurgy, Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak, University of Zagreb in one-day visit to Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University of Zenica presented his parent faculty. After getting acquainted with the capabilities of the Institute representatives of the two institutions showed interest in joint participation and collaboration in both research projects and in the service area of ​​the domain of registered business and agreed to conclude agreements on mutual cooperation.

On 19th January in 2012 was marked the beginning of a project funded by the European Union entitled "The development of new accreditation schemes in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which was attended by representatives of the Institute.
The project which was lasting 15 months was opened in September in 2011. Help from the Eu is in pre-accession assistance in cash and technical assistance provided by the project team Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics. The project provides direct assistance to the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the development of new reliable and internationally recognized schemes in the area of ​​accreditation of medical laboratories, product certification and certification of quality management systems and environmental management, personnel certification, inspection bodies, and staff training, and improving system of  IT of BATA.

Regular inspection of accredited Laboratory for Technical Measurements of The Metallurgical Insitute “Kemal Kapetanović” Zenica

In the period from 24th May to  25th May in 2012 in the Laboratory for Technical Measurements of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica was conducted  the second regular monitoring during the second cycle of accreditation by the national accreditation body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA) according to EN ISO 17025: 2006.
In front of the assessors of  BATA the inspection was conducted by: Mr. Dragiša Mandrapa - lead assessor and Ph.D. Dževad Bibić - technical assessor in the field of calibration of the sensor temperature and pressure.
Laboratory for technical measurements is a part of the Department for heat measurements of The Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica. It  gained its first accreditation on 31st August in 2005, according to standard EN ISO / IEC 17025 for calibration of measuring instruments and devices of temperature and pressure as follows:

- For temperature range: 0 - 1500 ° C
- The area of pressure: 0 - 1600 bar

by the National accreditation body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA).
Period of validity of these accreditations was 4 years, after which followed the re-accreditation of the Laboratory for Technical Measurements on 31st August in 2009, according to standard EN ISO / IEC 17025:2006. The cycle of this accreditation lasts until 2013.
Besides accreditation of the National accreditation body this laboratory gained International accreditation by the Norwegian national body in 2010.


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