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Organizational units:

Department for physical metallurgy
Department for metallurgical chemistry
Department for protection and ecology
Department for heat engineering and measurements
Department for welding
Department for metal castings
Department for plastical metal deformation
Department for mechanical engineering
Department for electrical engineering and automation
Department for ores and iron
Internet-Indok Center

Head of the Department:
Derviš Mujagić , dipl. ing. CV

Tel: 032 247 999/113
Fax: 032 247 980
E-mail: miz@miz.ba

Department for melting and metal casting

The primary activities of this Department is scientific and research work in the field of metallurgy of metallic materials that make development and applied research in order to improve the basic characteristics of alloys based on iron, nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum, etc. At the same time, these researches  are promoting existing and creating prerequisites for the introduction of new technologies of production of liquid metals. The result of these studies is taking of technology of production of new materials at semiindustrial plants of the Department.

In the Department are installed the following semiinduastrial plants for the production of liquid metals:

-two opened induction furnaces whose capacity is 65 kg;
-vacuum induction furnace whose capacity is 20 kg;
-vacuum induction furnace whose capacity is 80 kg;
-vacuum furnace for melting under electron beam irradiation;
-furnace for melting under electric slag (ETP device ) max. casting diameter Ø250 mm.

In these plants besides making casts for the purpose of the experimental part of scientific and research work is also possible and commercial test production of metal materials with special physical - chemical properties  in the form of ingota planned for further plastic processing , or as castings.

Scientific and research work

Developed and applied research in the field of metallurgy of steel, alloys based on nickel and cobalt, ferrous metals, etc.

Experimental and semiindustrial production

 In the Department is developed and taken production of series of metal materials for special purposes - tool steels, stainless, refractory and fireproof steels, softmagnetic steels and alloys, resistance materials type CEKAS, alloys for thermocouples and compensation leads, special alloys for aerospace industry , electrodes for special purposes, and superalloys based on nickel and cobalt.
In the field of experimental production of cast is taken the production of steel cast resilient to wear, stainless and fireproof cast, cast on the basis of copper, zinc and tin, and all the variations of gray cast.