On May 16th in 2013 in the reading room of the University - Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović"  was Zenica organized the official award donation of books to the University of Zenica by Philips Laboratories Aachen, Germany, and individual donations of citizens through the Foundation "Humanity in Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina".

In his welcoming address, Mr. MirkoTrifunovic, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Zenica-Doboj canton expressed his gratitude to the Foundation and to all the participants of this action for the significant contribution of the books fund for the University and for help to students and researchers.
The guests were also greeted by Professor Sabahudin Ekinović, Rector of the University, who emphasized positive actions of  professor Lamija Tanović and also thanked the donors.
Director of the Institute, Mr.MilenkoRimac stressed the importance of literature in a research path that Institute is going through, and that the shipment of books and magazines certainly means a lot for future research.

Prof. Lamija Tanović, a professor of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Sarajevo, and the president of the foundation "Humanity in Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina&" presented the way of donation from her ideas to the end user –University Zenica.
The foundation "Humanity in Action" is an organization that educates young people over 20 years in all aspects of human rights. The foundation "Humanity in Action" has branches in the USA, Germany, Poland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Education is conducted through the summer intensive training programs and international conferences as well as through student projects.

One of the participants of the Foundation, Mr.Jasmin Hasić, as a part of his project wanted to recover the book resources in colleges in our country, which were devastated during the war and aggression by donations of books. As a symbol of the need for literature he used the case of ignition of the City Hall - National and University Library in Sarajevo. Jasmin has filmed a short program which he used as a call for donations and he distributed it by means of electronic media through the world. After that packages of books and magazines from around the world started coming. Some of these grants are stored in the warehouse of the University of Sarajevo and waiting for a better time when the University Library will get new space (since the time of ignition of the City Hall the library is situated in inadequate conditions in the area campus - the former barracks "Tito").

In a series of smaller donations of books was and a donation from Philips Laboratories in Aachen, Germany, which had a large number of books and scientific journals in specific disciplines: physics, chemistry, metallurgy, materials science. The Foundation has assessed that this precious shipment of books and magazines, will be best used in colleges and institutes that educate students and are engaged in scientific research in these areas exactly. Therefore, according to the Foundation, the University of Zenica and its Metallurgical Institute are the right place for this donation. In addition to books and journals in these areas, researchers from Aachen have collected some private donations and to the contingent were added   books about medicine and pharmacy, field of law, economics and the study of language.

More organizations and individuals were involved in organizing this enormous transport from Germany to Bosnia and the Rector of the

University handed letters of thanks to the involved participants.

1. Humanity in Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina- the idea and collecting donations
2. Philips Research Laboratories - Aachen - for donating a huge number of scientific books and journals
3. Lions HilfswerkUebach-Palenberg/Geilzenkirchen – for donating the cost of  the transportation of the donated book from Aachen to Ljubljana
4. DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps, DHL Logistics GmbH - transport donations from Germany to Slovenia
5. INTEREUROPA RTC dd , Global logistic service - for organizing procedures regarding taxes and customs duties and donation for the transportation from Ljubljana to Zenica

1 Dr.. George Gaertner, Philips Research Laboratories, Aachen - to organize donations in front of the Philips Laboratories in Aachen
2 Mr. and Mrs. Lothar and Marianne STANG - private donations
3 Mr.Jacob Eicher, DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps, DHL Logistics GmbH - to organize transport to Slovenia
4 Mr.Haris Avdic and Mrs.Ariana Maksumic INTEREUROPA RTC - to organize transport from Ljubljana to Zenica