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December in 2013

On 16th of December in  2013 The delegation of experts led by the Minister of Planning, Transportation and Environment of Zenica-Doboj Canton Edin , visited the company from Zagreb, Croatia EKONERG as a part of  the project of establishing monitoring in the field of ecology in Zenica-Doboj Canton . Other members of  the delegation were PhD Milanko Rimac, Halim Prcanovic, Faik Cicak and others. This visit was organized  to get acquainted with the achievements in the field of monitoring of EKONERG, Croatia and eventual cooperation based on partnership. Album

October in 2013

On 3rd  of October in 2013 under the auspices of the organization EU -INOVO in Zenica was held the conference on the theme: “Building innovative partnerships Research - to- R2B2 with the aim of representing businessmen capacity of institutions and laboratories as initiators and implementers of innovation activities. “ Laboratories of the University of Zenica and Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica were presented at the conference. Album

In the period from 1st-5th of October in2013 was held 20th General BH Fair ZEPS 2013 within which was held the fair Intermetal . Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica of the University of Zenica was one of the participants of the fair. In its presentation to visitors , the Institute made ??numerous contacts with representatives of different populations , both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from neighboring countries. Album

September in 2013

On 27th of September in 2013 Mr.Damir Masic - Minister of the Federal Ministry of Education , Mr. Mirko Trifunovic - Minister of Education , Science, Culture and Sports of Zenica-Doboj Canton , as well as representatives of these ministries visited the Institute and took part in the thematic session entitled " The importance and perspectives of Metallurgical Institute " KemalKapetanovic" Zenica . PhD Dzevad Zecic - Rector of the University of Zenica , PhD Mirsada Oruc - Vice–rector for Finance and Development of the University of Zenica , and PhD Milenko Rimac - Director of the Institute greeted the guests.
Representatives of the Institute presented the possibilities of the Institute , trends and perspectives of further development , and the problems with which the Institute was faced with in the implementation of its tasks . The conclusions from this meeting , adopted after discussion of the participants, define the need for such an institution and suggested concrete steps for its strengthening and greater participation in the market . ( Album )

On 23rd of September in 2013in Sarajevo was held workshop related to Final Project EU –INOVO ( innovation , innovation policy and measures to stimulate innovation ) .
The workshop was attended by representatives of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica , Neira Delic , dipl.ecc and the University of Zenica PhD Mirsada Oruc – Vice-rector  for Finance and Development . ( Album )

On 12th of September in 2013 - Visit of the representatives of the Austrian Embassy

In October in 2013in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Austrian Embassy,  will be held business meetings and presentations of the businessmen from BiH and Austria. On this occasion, for the purpose of future cooperation the representatives of the Embassy, Mr. Sigmund Nemeti and Mrs.Razija Hamidovic visited Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica on the 12th of September. During the visit, the participants have had discussions with the management of the Institute , visited the laboratories and facilities for conferences - a multimedia center and a reading room in the Library. Album

July in 2013

PU " ABAKUS " Zenica , gave Letter of Appreciation to Metallurgcal Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica , for  cooperation and for support of the Institute in its work . More ____________________________

Agreement on funding was signed

On 5th of July in 2013, organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science , at the head office of Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo was signed the agreement of the financing / co-financing of programs and projects in the fields of science in 2013 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina . The agreements were signed by the Federal Minister of Education and Science , Damir Masic and authorized representatives of 19 public high education and scientific institutions in the Federation including the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica .
On this occasion, two contracts were signed : Finance Contract , or co-financing of projects in the field of science which are important for the Federation - which , among other things , include programs of support of the publishing of scientific literature and reference journals , scientific training , international cooperation of the Institutes  , the organization of national and international scientific conferences and research of importance to the Federation and co-finance of research and study visits , as well as the Finance Contract / co-financing of projects of equipping science institutions of importance for the Federation , which refers to the arrangement of space and purchase of priority equipment for scientific research . More about this event, see this link :

On 5th of July in 2013 Msc Milenko Rimac from Zenica , has publicly defended his doctoral thesis entitled :


Mr. Milenko Rimac who currently holds the position of Director of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica , completed his longtime scientific research work and experience in his doctoral dissertation .Photo album of this event, see here

June in 2013

ROUNDTABLE: Restructuring of companies in metal sector , as a factor for further successful development of metal industry
On 18th of June in 2013 in Banja Luka was held a round table on the theme: "The restructuring of the metal sector company , as a factor for further successful development of metal industry ."
The forum was organized by the Forum of metal industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina , RS Chamber of Commerce .
The round table was attended by representatives of important companies of the metal framework, the relevant ministries of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina , the chambers of commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina , universities, faculties and institutes , associations of employers of Federation , Union of Employers Associations of RS, Privatization Agency of Federation, RS and operating team of Metal Industry Forum. This team is consisted of VTK Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia and Herzegovina , RS Chamber of Commerce , Chamber of Commerceof  District Brcko , USAID and Zeda . Rimac , Acting Director of Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" Zenica , University of Zenica took part in the discussions and conclusions of the Round Table on which occasion he presented the possibility of the contributions of the Institute , as well as suggestions of its role and help in restructuring the metal industry in order to strengthen it.

The second meeting of partners EEN Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 17th of June in 2013 in Sarajevo, was held the second meeting of the partners of the consortium of EEN network , organized by the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina . In addition to partner EEN BH - VTK Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institute of Economics,Banja Luka , Sarajevo University , University of Zenica , OU“Kemal Kapetanovic”Zenica , Mostar INTERA Technology Park , participants of this meeting were the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations , Secretary General VTK Bosnia and herzegovina and a representative of the European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dragan Milovic , Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations , introduced the audience about the role of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Bosnia and Herzegovinain accession to COSME program communities from which , in addition to other forms of financing can be funded activities of EEN .
( Promotional flyer EEN Bosnia and Herzegovina )

From 6th to 8th of June in 2013 in Neum was held 8th Research / Expert Conference with International Participation , Quality 2013.
The Conference was attended by representatives of the Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic" , University of Zenica with the works:

-Financing Highereducation Institutions in Function Improving in Quality;
-Check ofTest RateApplication Loat at Tensile Testing at Room TemperatureUsing  Software test Xpert;
-The Selection of the Optimal Degree of Polynom and Calculation of the Interpolation Deviation in the Calibration of Transfer Force standardMGC plus-Z4/200kN;
- Importance of Traceability and Measurement Uncertainty of the Primary Laboratory Standard;
-Influence of Uncertainty Related to Transfer Standard on Expanded Measurement Uncertainty During Calibration of Force-Measuring Device. Album

May in 2013

From 23rd to 25th of May in 2013 in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia ) was held : 1st MME SEE 2013 , Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Congress of South - East Europe .

The Congress had the active participation of representatives of the University of Zenica ( Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials and Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanovic " with works :

- " Investigation of Hardening of the Niobium Modified Heat resistant Stainless Steel GX40CrNiSi25 - 20 During Sintering Process " .
- " Investigation of Structure of Metallic NiCrAlY Coating Applied by Diamond Jet Process on Iron -Based superalloy A286 " .

On May 16th in 2013 in the reading
room of the University - Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" was Zenica organized the official award donation of books to the University of Zenica by Philips Laboratories Aachen, Germany, so as individual donations of citizens through the Foundation "Humanity in Action for Bosnia and Herzegovina". More ... Album ... The presentation

April in 2013

On April 29th  in 2013 in the library of the University, OU Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica was held a presentation on the topic:


The event was organized by the University of Zenica, OU Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, with the participation of  Mr.Tomislav Grizelj and Mrs.Jasmina Hrnjica Bajramovic the representativs of the scientific research and development of an educational center - Žireč, companies GRIZELJ Inc. Sarajevo and Cluster –manufacturer of utility equipment.
The meeting was attended by representatives of companies, institutions and organizational units of the University in Zenica.

In the introductory part to the audience was presented the European Enterprise Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina - (more. ..) (Album)

March in 2013

"The quality against recession"

Croatian Society of Quality Managers from Zagreb organized the 14th International Symposium on the quality called "The quality against recession," which was held from 21 to 22 March 2013 in Rovinj, Croatia.
This very important current subject attracted a large number of managers and researchers from sixteen countries. Symposium participants presented their papers, and after discussion, some conclusions were made which will be sent to the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Metallurgical Institute "Kemal Kapetanović" Zenica, University in Zenica participated in the work with the presentation of  Mrs.Neira Delic. Vice Rector for Finance of the University, Ph.D.Sci. Mirsada Oruč also took part in the symposium (Album)


Support for the Education of Adults    
Adult education

In hotel Zenica on March 14th in 2013 was held the presentation of the project "Support for the Education of Adults" on the topic: Identification of new ways of training and presentation of databases of formal and informal training programs organized by the Agency GIZ Deutsche GezelschaftfürInternationaleZusamenarbeit. Project "Support for Education of Adults" was  funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Swiss Development Agency (SDC) and was launched on  January 1st in 2011.
The program is implemented within 6 working themes with different topics from the field of formal, non-formal and informal education / learning. At the presentation was present the representative of the Institute of Metallurgy Mr.Čičak Faik as the Institute dealt with the educational programs for adults.

The program includes the following themes of work:

• The working theme "Training and Development":
• The working theme "Certification of Informally Acquired Competences":
• The working theme "Professionalization of Education of Adults":
• The working theme "Career and Educational Counseling":
• The working theme "Subsequent Acquisition of Basic Education":
• The working theme "Raising Awareness of the Need for Education of Adults":

During the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to register themselves as users of base and to advertise their offer for free.

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